Why to Hire a Professional Design Consultant

If you’re moving into a new home, or you’ve decided to redecorate, a design consultant may be your best choice. Even if you have great decorating skills, design consultants know how to put pieces together for a cohesive, finished look. There are quite a few benefits of hiring an interior designer to decorate for you.

Saving Money

A design consultant saves money because they start with a plan. Your consultation gives them a chance to understand your needs and to assess the space. This gives you a chance to discuss your style, tastes, and vision. The design consultant will present their plan in accordance with your budget and timelines.


Design consultants have access to resources that can enhance your project. They may even have access to discount prices. These resources and discounts are not privy to the general public, but they definitely work to your benefit behind the scenes.

Professional details

A design consultant is trained to view everything as a blank canvas. When decorating on your own, it’s easy to forego the small details. A professional, however, knows how to maximize the use of your space while maintaining pleasing aesthetics.


When dealing with new construction, or adding new space, a professional design consultant acts as a bridge. Outlet placements, specialized details, and other elements needed to bring things together are part of their initial plan.


A design consultant is able to call a contractor, electrician, or custom craftsman in minutes. They can procure whatever you need to create the home of your dreams.

If you’re still in doubt, consider this. You don’t have to do any legwork. All you have to do is pick out a color scheme, approve textures and furniture, and sit back and relax. Everything is done for you from start to finish.

Imagine this. You’ve approved the plan and project, and you are waiting on the finished product. The design consultant handles coordination of furniture, any installations that need to take place, and more. For people who like pretty spaces but don’t know where to begin, this solution makes all the difference.

A Design Solution for You

The team at Home Inspirations Thomasville have a host of design consultants ready to create special spaces tailored to you needs and style preferences. From start to finish, they incorporate everything that matters to you, with special touches that will make you smile.

It’s easy to think design consultants are expensive, but the finished product is usually well worth it. They create memorable spaces that make an impact. The truth is, a trained eye can work wonders. Let us help you design a space that captures your unique personality.

Are you ready for your design consultation? Bring us your dreams, ideas, and expectations, and we can bring them to life. For more information on our design services, and how we can assist in your new home or with your redesigning projects, give us a call for a consultation or visit our design center. There’s nothing better than having a home that makes you smile. Contact us today!